• Tips
  • Don't rewrite any information to your storage devices.
  • Don't do a disk check.
  • Don't format the hard drive partition again.
  • Don't recover data to your source hard drives directly.
  • Don't repartition.
  • Don't store new data into the partition that you are going to recover.
  • Don't do re-array when the disk array lost.
  • iGetor Data Recovery Software Key Features
  • Support Windows 10,Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, 2008, 2012.
  • Support 32 bits, 64 bits.
  • Support external hard drive, hard disk, usb flash drive, sd card, cf card, zip, etc.
  • Support Storage Media
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How to recover files from SanDisk 64GB Micro SD Card Unable to Format in Windows 10

1. Select the "Recover Partition " or "Unformat" or "Full scan" button and select the hard drive, then click the "NEXT" button.

photo recovery

2. find the lost partitions:After you select the "Recover partition" Mode

Best partiton recovery

3. Select the partitions of the hard drive, then click the "NEXT" button.

Partiton recovery

4. scan the partitions.

recovery lost partition files

5. Search file.

files recovery

6. Select want recover files.

format file recovery

7. click the file to preview.

deleted partition recovery

8. select save recovery file disk

get lost files back

9. recover successful

lost file restore

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